Thursday, June 30, 2011


 Family Directory Authorization Form

First United Methodist Church is developing a directory of families (parents and their children).  It’s a great resource for keeping in touch and acquainting new persons with the existing members of First United Methodist Church.  Please complete this form and return it to the church office as soon as possible.   

Directory Printing Options

____________YES, I want to be listed in the family directory.
____________NO, Please do NOT include me in the family directory. (Note: We still need your e-mail address for communication purposes.)

Please include me in the directory but DO NOT print the following information:
Address: ________ Phone number(s): _________ Email address: ________
Household Information: 
First Name ______________________________   Last Name _______________________________
Birthday ____________________  Occupation ___________________________________________
First Name ______________________________  Last Name _______________________________
Birthday ____________________  Occupation __________________________________________
Street Address____________________________________________________________________________
City______________________________________________          Zip Code_______________
Home Phone Number:  __________________________
Cell Phone Number:  ____________________________
Work Phone Number:  ___________________________
Email Address: ____________________________________________________________________
Anniversary Date: __________________________

Childrens(s) names:(please indicate if child’s last name is different)  
#1:_______________________________________ Birthday:  (mm/dd/yyyy)      _________________
#2:_______________________________________ Birthday:  (mm/dd/yyyy)      _________________
#3:_______________________________________ Birthday:  (mm/dd/yyyy)      _________________
#4:_______________________________________ Birthday:  (mm/dd/yyyy)      _________________

Signature: ____________________________________             Date: ________________________

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