Thursday, May 23, 2013

MAY 26, 2013 SUNDAY 9:00 A.M. SERVICE

Enter to Worship, Depart to Serve

Our Mission:  "To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world."



+Call To Worship
Leader: Come gather together here in the presence
             of Christ, who is our friend and healer.
People: We have entered here and in our worship
             together, we yearn for hope and comfort. Leader: Let us reach to the heart of Jesus, who is
         our life.
People: We encounter our Lord, who makes us
         whole. Leader: Here we are welcome and loved and
People: Here we are the people of God. Let us
         rejoice and give God praise.

+ HYMN                “America the Beautiful”          #696

Time with Young Disciples
          (JESUS LOVES ME)


Memorial Candle Lighting Service 2013
We fondly remember these members and friends of our church and community who have died since last Memorial Day.  And now we light a candle in their memory.

Tom Tucker
Betty Tonda
Paul Umble, Jr.
Alberta McMulin
Dick Dircks
Larry Kirkwood
Thurman Floyd
Palmer Krichau
Armond “Corky” Ravera
Ted Dykstra
Darroll Bachman
Sandra Redding
Lela Todd
Ben Smith, Jr
William “Chick” Rankin
Dorothy Templeton
Paul Karpan, Sr.
Wilma Wagner
Gerald Heaberlin
Janella Bailey
Doris Werts

For those we name in our hearts who have died in previous years we light a candle of remembrance.  Give to the departed eternal rest; let light perpetually shine upon them.   We praise you for your saints who have entered into joy; may we also come to share in your heavenly kingdom.  Let us pray.

O God of both the living and the dead, we praise your holy name for all your servants who have finished their course in faith.  We pray that encouraged by their example and strengthened by their witness, we may be partakers with them of the inheritance of the saints in light; through the merits of your Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.     (Moment of silence)

Dedication of Memorials

As family and friends of these loved ones who have gone to their eternal home, we are proud to present these memorials to be dedicated to the glory of Almighty God, and for service in this church, in loving memory of their lives.  We present Sanctuary Camera, Scholarship Fund, Scholarship Endowment Fund, Radio Ministry, Flat Screen TV for Sunday School, Care Note Rack, and Pull-down Screen and Projector for Chapel to be consecrated to the glory of almighty God and for service in this church in loving memory of the aforementioned loved ones.

In the name of the Father, and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit we consecrate these memorial gifts to the glory of God.   As we accepted and enjoyed the presence of these loved ones among us, so we accept these memorials in their memory.  We will honor their dedication by using them reverently as we remember the love of Jesus Christ which we saw in their life.  AMEN!


Leader              Let us pray.  Almighty God, before you stand the living and the dead, we your children, give thanks to you for all those who you have blessed our pilgrimage.
People             Thanks be to God.
Leader              For all the lives that have shaped us, whose influence is a healing grace.
People             We praise you, O Lord.
Leader              For the dear friends whose faces we see no more, but whose life is with us forever.
People             We lift up thankful hearts.
Leader              For the teachers and companions of our childhood and youth, and for the members of our households of faith, who worship you now in heaven.
People             We lift up our hearts in gratitude and praise.
Leader              For those through their sacrifice we now live, who gave their life for our freedom.
People             We give thanks.
Leader              That we may hold them in continual remembrance and ever think of them as with you in that city whose gates are not shut by day and where there is no night.
People             We ask that you hear us, O God.
Leader              That we may now be dedicated to working for a world where labor is rewarded, fear dispelled, and the nations made one in the unity of your kingdom.
People             O Lord, save us your people, multiply our heritage.  Day by day we praise you and worship your name.
Leader              Give to the Lord the glory due God’s name; worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness.
People AMEN.


Scriptures Romans 5:1-5


Let us offer ourselves and our gifts to God.  






(+) Those who are able are invited to stand.        

*Communion is available following the service where consecrated elements are distributed in the front of the sanctuary

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